Star Balloons

  • 10 Star Balloons $1.00 USD
  • 30 Star Balloons $3.00 USD
  • 50 Star Balloons $5.00 USD
  • 100 Star Balloons $10.00 USD
  • 300 Star Balloons $30.00 USD
  • 500 Star Balloons $50.00 USD

What are Star Balloons?

  • Join a fan club!
    If you donate Star Balloons,
    you become a fan of the streamer!
    Fan club members can access exclusive
    discussion boards and font colors.
  • Support Streamers!
    Streamers exchange Star Balloons
    for money to support their content.
  • VIP Fan 
    Main Stream Entrance
    VIPs who gifted lots of Star Balloons
    can enter the main stream 
    without QuickView
    regardless of the number of viewers.
  • Save your favorite videos!
    Send 10 Star Balloons to videos
    for permanent storage.
  • Donor Notification
    Streamers are notified during
    their live stream if a user donates
    Star Balloons to their videos.
Star Balloons Notice
Star Balloons are valid for 5 Years from the date of purchase.
Star Balloon transaction details can be viewed on the Star Balloons page.
You can also cash out on the Star Balloons page.
If the user applies for a refund repeatedly without a valid reason or abuses certain payment methods, the refund may be restricted.
If the user is a minor, explanation that if the legal representative’s consent is not obtained, the minor or the legal representative may cancel the payment.
Unused Star Balloons can be requested for a refund and a subscription withdrawal within 7 days.