Purchase Quick View

  • 30 Day
    Quick View
    Need an affordable option?

    $ 3.90 USD

  • 90 Day
    Quick View
    Enjoy for good 90 days!

    $ 11.70 USD

  • 365 Day
    Quick View
    Enjoy year-round!

    $ 47.45 USD

    -20%$ 38.00 USD

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What is Quick View item?

  • Enter FULL room
    Main room free to chat with streamers and Relay room generated when Main room is FULL.
    Able to join Main room even when rooms are FULL.
  • No ads when entering stream
    Watch without ads!
    Enter directly into the stream without watching ads.
  • Support Multi View(PC)
    Two channels at once!
    User will be able to view different streams simultaneously using Multi View function.
    (Avaliable only at install Ver. player)
  • Grant Q mark(PC)
    Q mark will be indicated at chat window when Quick View is applied.
퀵뷰 구매 안내
All date and time are in Korea Standard Time (KST).
Duplicated purchase is infeasible when Quick View item is in use.
Quick View gift can be purchased in advance and can be used through chatting window or my item info.
Quick View gift can be sent to oneself.
The valid period for purchased Quick View gift is 5 years and 5 years from the day the gift was sent.
미성년자가 결제할 경우 그 법정대리인이 동의하지 아니하면 본인 또는 법정대리인은 결제를 취소할 수 있습니다.
이용권은 사용 중에 환불을 신청할 경우 남은 기간을 일할 계산하여 지급합니다.
선물하지 아니한 퀵뷰는 7일 이내에 청약철회 등 환불을 할 수 있습니다.